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Jaime Schaefer, born and raised in Brooklyn and now residing on Long Island, New York, exemplifies wisdom, integrity, and hard work. A Territory Business Manager in Biotech Sales specializing in neuroscience and pharmaceuticals, she has passionately dedicated her career to advancing healthcare. Alongside her professional achievements, she is a devoted mother of two, beautifully balancing her demanding career with a fulfilling family life since embracing marital bliss in 2014.

Her educational journey at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she majored in Communication, laid a solid foundation for her career. Active involvement in the Chi Omega Sorority honed her advocacy skills, particularly for the underdog, shaping her into a fearless and outspoken leader. These formative experiences were instrumental in developing her strong character and commitment to making a difference.

In her professional realm, She has amassed over 14 years of experience in Neuroscience Pharmaceutical Sales. Her career trajectory includes roles in esteemed organizations like PDI Pfizer, Nautilus Neurosciences, Allergan, Abbvie, Biohaven, and Takeda. Her recent focus on Biotech Neuroscience, particularly in rare disease research, underscores her dedication to challenging and impactful work.

Schaefer's commitment to professional excellence is evident in the numerous awards she has received, including the prestigious President's Club and Circle of Excellence. In 2020, she achieved a significant milestone by winning the coveted CEO award, placing her among the top performers in her company. These accolades reflect her expertise, ethical principles, and dedication to her field.

Beyond her career, she is deeply committed to philanthropy and activism. A fervent advocate for Jewish rights and a robust supporter of Israel, she leverages her influence through various initiatives and fundraisers. Additionally, her active involvement in her temple and sisterhood events and her contributions to numerous charities highlight her compassionate nature.

Despite her busy schedule, she finds time for hobbies, including traveling, crafting, and playing Mah Jong. These activities and her unwavering dedication as a mother and professional showcase her ability to lead a balanced and enriching life. Jaime Schaefer's life, marked by professional success, active community involvement, and personal fulfillment, is a testament to her resilience, drive, and indomitable spirit.

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Jaime Schaefer

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Jaime Schaefer
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Jaime Schaefer
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